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Campaigns Across Canada

We are excited to see campaigns to increase access to prescription contraception popping up across the country. Please check out, like, follow, and support these amazing campaigns.

Everyone deserves access to contraception! 

If you would like to set up a campaign in your province or territory, please get in touch, our team is standing by to help. 



Birth Control Access Manitoba


Wellness Within - Nova Scotia


Media from Across Canada

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Global News, May 12, 2022

Canadian government pressured to grant universal access to contraception

As the Canadian federal government faces calls to improve access to abortion, advocates are now also calling for better access to all types of birth control. Canada's Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos announced $3.5 million for two organizations to help expand access to abortion. But that's just a small portion of a $45 million promised in last year's budget. Advocates say there are lots of other ways to spend the money, including on universal access to all forms of contraception. Global’s Abigail Bimman explains why it's a complicated topic and how politicians are responding.

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Halifax Examiner,
April 12
, 2022

Nova Scotia can demonstrate public sector leadership in sexual health by committing to free contraception for all

Everyone has sexual health over the course of their entire lives. This morning I was invited to speak to the Nova Scotia Standing Committee on Health about access to birth control and sexual health services, and I used this opportunity to remind the new PC government that the universal experience of sexual health should be reflected in how the health system is funded. Yet the recently released provincial budget had hardly any new funding to address these basic needs, and there are glaring gaps in access to services across the province.


Winnipeg Free Press,
March 15
, 2022

Province should support cost-free contraception

Birth control and access to contraception should be available at no charge, to improve reproductive health and save public spending. The federal government is dragging its heels on a national pharmacare program, and Manitobans cannot wait any longer for free access to contraception.


CTV News Winnipeg,
February 15
, 2022

'We want to break those barriers down': Group calls for contraceptive coverage in Manitoba's pharmacare program

A group of Manitobans is asking for all contraceptives including pills and IUDs to be added to the province's pharmacare program.

Access MB said cost is the most significant barrier to using contraception in Canada, adding many people have to pay out-of-pocket as they have no pharmaceutical insurance or their insurance does not cover contraceptives, or they want to get contraceptives without their parents knowing.


UM Today News,
- Manitoba, April 22
, 2021

Medical students lobby province for universal coverage of contraception

Members of the Manitoba Medical Students’ Association’s (MMSA) student advocacy committee met with representatives from Manitoba’s three main political parties last week as part of its Provincial Day of Action. Each year, the committee chooses a health-related issue and lobbies the Manitoba government for change.


Winnipeg Free Press
- Manitoba, April 15
, 2021

Province urged to provide free contraception

University of Manitoba medical students are asking the province to provide contraception to Manitobans for free.

"Manitobans face significant barriers when attempting to access contraceptives," said second-year medical student Alyssa Kidd.

She and fellow members of the student advocacy committee at the U of M's Max Rady College of Medicine have been meeting online with MLAs to pitch the benefits of providing universal access to birth control.


CTV - Nova Scotia, 

March 31, 2021

N.S. NDP proposes new bill that would see birth control products covered under MSI

A new bill presented by the Nova Scotia NDP proposes prescription contraceptives, like birth control and intrauterine devices (IUDs), be covered under the provincial health care.

Legislation tabled by the NDP Caucus would ensure anyone without coverage would be able to get birth control under the provincial MSI plan.


CBC News, March 31, 2021

B.C. NDP promises free prescription contraception if elected

The NDP wants the Nova Scotia government to fund prescription and emergency birth control for anyone who doesn't have a health plan that covers the costs.

The party tabled legislation at Province House on Tuesday that would ensure anyone without a health plan would have access to birth control through the provincial MSI plan.

Kate White.jpg

CKRW 96.1 FM,
March 9, 2021

B.C. NDP promises free prescription contraception if elected

The Yukon NDP are committing to free contraception for all Yukoners if the NDP form the next Yukon Government. 

NDP Leader Kate White says that providing free and accessible contraception to anyone who needs it is the right thing to do.

"This is about doing what's fair. It's about giving people the power over their own reproductive health, and it's about saving people money."


TVO, January 18, 2021

Why this group wants no-cost contraception for all Ontarians

According to CoverContraceptiON, different methods of contraception get different levels of coverage in Ontario. OHIP+ covers most forms of contraception for those under 25. However, if the patient has access to private health insurance — for example, through a parent — they would be required to submit coverage through the private plan and would not be able to access contraception confidentially through OHIP+. If the patient is over 25, they receive coverage only if they have a private plan, are considered “low-income,” or are part of a specialty drug-coverage program. In all other situations, they pay out of pocket.


CBC, May 9, 2019

Offer free birth control for youth, Canadian Paediatric Society says

In a position statement released on Thursday, the society called for confidential access to contraceptives to minimize the personal and financial costs of unintended pregnancies, such as derailing life plans for education and increasing the likelihood of needing social assistance.

More than 25 per cent of youth who do not wish to become pregnant don't use contraceptives consistently, studies suggest. About 59,000 unplanned pregnancies a year occur among those under age 24 in Canada, the society said.


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