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Campaigns Across Canada

We are excited to see campaigns to increase access to prescription contraception popping up across the country. Please check out, like, follow, and support these amazing campaigns.

Everyone deserves access to contraception! 

If you would like to set up a campaign in your province or territory, please get in touch, our team is standing by to help. 

Cover ContraceptiON -


Access Now Nova Scotia

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Universal Access to Contraception Saskatchewan


Birth Control Access Manitoba

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Project EmpowHer


Révolution Contraceptive Québec


Media from Across Canada


Opinion: Opting out of national pharmacare marginalizes Alberta women

Edmonton Journal,

April 17,  2023

Alberta’s decision to opt out of the national pharmacare program not only puts our women and girls at risk of early mortality, but also perpetuates the historical trend of marginalizing women’s rights and freedom. It particularly puts our most marginalized and vulnerable populations at the greatest risk.


Women's health advocates applaud Manitoba's plan to subsidize prescription birth control

CBC News, Nov. 22,  2023

Birth control will soon become free for all Manitobans with a prescription, the province announced Tuesday. 

The announcement, made during Premier Wab Kinew's Tuesday throne speech, makes good on an election promise the NDP campaigned on. The party previously pegged the cost to implement the universal coverage of select contraceptives at $11 million per year.


Access Now Nova Scotia advocates for universal no-cost contraception

The Dalhousie Gazette,

September 29,  2023

To mark World Contraception Day on Tuesday, Sept. 26, Access Now Nova Scotia held a campaign event in hopes of implementing no-cost universal contraceptives for all Nova Scotians.... Access Now Nova Scotia is a group advocating for the provincial government to enact a policy implementing universal no-cost prescription contraceptives for Nova Scotians.


Opinion: Saskatchewan needs universal coverage of contraception

StarPheonix, August 5, 2023

Cost is the greatest barrier to contraception and it’s one the government can universally cover. Access to contraception is a critical component of reproductive decision-making and should be a guaranteed right for all under Canada’s universal health-care system.


If control of your reproductive health is part of the right to health care, access to contraception must fall within that right.


‘Reproductive rights are human rights’: Calgary doctor pushes for universal contraception coverage

Global News, July 24, 2023

B.C. recently became Canada’s first province to offer universal access to free prescription contraception. Now a Calgary physician is pushing the federal government to follow suit. Sarah Offin speaks with Dr. Rupinder Toor, who’s launched a petition to make universal birth control coverage a reality for all Canadians.


The case for free contraception in Canada

CBC, July 20, 2023

A new birth control pill will be available over the counter without prescription next year in the U.S. But in Canada, access can depend on where you live, whether you have a family doctor and if you have the money to pay for it. Guest host Rosemary Barton speaks to two doctors about why caring for women's reproductive health is still a challenge.


Opinion: Free contraceptives lead to substantial economic benefits

Calgary Herald, May 16, 2023

On a broader economic scale, free contraception saves taxpayer dollars. B.C.-based Options for Sexual Health estimates that for every $1 spent on contraceptive support for an individual, taxpayers may save up to $90 in future social support. In Canada, up to 40 per cent of pregnancies are unintended and more than half of these unintended pregnancies occur in people not using contraception. The direct cost associated with unintended pregnancies per year in Canada is upwards of $320 million.


Nearly three-quarters of Albertans support free prescription birth control, survey suggests

CBC News, March 25, 2023

A large majority of Albertans support the idea of the government providing universal access to free birth control, suggests a new poll from a Calgary-based public relations firm. ThinkHQ, an Alberta public and government relations and opinion research firm, provided the poll to CBC. It found that 74 per cent of Albertans surveyed approve of the idea of free prescription birth control while only 18 per cent disapprove.


Playdoyer pour une couverture universelle des frais de contraception

RadioCanada, Feb. 17, 2023

Du 13 au 17 février se déroulait la Semaine de sensibilisation à la santé sexuelle et reproductive et le nouveau Réseau de soins d'avortement du Nouveau-Brunswick en profite pour demander à la province d'offrir une couverture universelle des frais de contraception.

Amélie en a discuté avec la Dre Martha Paynter, porte-parole du Réseau des soins d'avortement du N.-B.



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